Male Hormone Replacement Therapy (increasing testosterone medically) offers a variety of benefits to men, including building muscle mass, maintaining a healthy red blood cell count, improved bone density, increased sperm production and reproductive ability, and more. While it is completely natural to lose testosterone with age, it can be detrimental to replace hormones without the proper medical expertise. At the Testosterone Clinic of West Texas, we can provide the appropriate level of hormone restoration for your individual needs, and we can improve your health even if you’ve been overweight for many years. The right hormone replacement therapy can help you with improved fat distribution, increased energy and stamina, help you gain muscle, and build and maintain a strong physique.

Our professionals know the difference between those who have natural testosterone levels for their age and those who would make the perfect candidate for hormone replacement therapy. Treatments are usually done using patches or injections, and it doesn’t take much of your personal time to carry out any of the required procedures. As with our other services, we’ll develop a personalized therapy plan for you and provide you with prescribed diet and healthy lifestyle strategies so that your treatment is completely successful.

Hormone Replacement TherapyPrice
Testosterone Replacement$300 – $897
Personalized Labwork
Appointment with Medical Practitioner to Determine Appropriate Treatment Plan
Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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