When you choose Weight Loss Solutions as your partner in achieving and maintaining a healthier, more comfortable weight for you, we’ll focus on helping you lose weight the healthy way. This means losing it slowly but steadily over time, and losing the right kind of weight. In the typical weight loss process, excess water retention and improper balances in diet can cause a fluctuation in progress, but these can be easily adjusted with a little extra knowledge and support. We’ll provide you with natural supplements to ensure your diet is providing you with exactly what you need and recommend foods that won’t require you to stray from your local supermarket.

Our Weight Loss ProgramsPrice
Kickstart Program$295
30 Day Detox Cleanse
4 Extreme Lipo-Den Injections (1 Weekly)
Sample Nutrition Plan
RX Program$375
4 Extreme Lipo-Den Injections (1 Weekly)
Prescription Strength FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants & Labwork
Complete Wellness Program$535
30 Day Detox Cleanse & Protein Drinks
4 Extreme Lipo-Den Injections (1 Weekly)
Nutritional Guidance
Labwork & Review with Medical Practitioner
Testosterone Replacement$897-$1200
Personalized Labwork
Review by Medical Practitioner to Determine Appropriate Treatment Plan
6 Weeks Testosterone Injections/Lipo-Den Extreme Injections (Pending Labs)

After your initial assessment, we’ll schedule and provide encouragement for you to attend monthly weigh-ins and consultations. These appointments serve as one of our most effective methods of treating each patient’s weight issues according to their own health problems and unique body composition. They are also crucial because successful dieters lose weight only if they are held accountable for their weight loss. In our experience, nearly every patient who misses a monthly appointment gains weight.

The combined knowledge and techniques you’ll acquire when you choose Weight Loss Solutions will optimize your body to lose weight and keep it off by maintaining healthy dieting habits and lifestyle choices. If you’re suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol and triglycerides or heart problems, we can provide specialized plans to help eliminate the adverse side effects of these issues and still achieve a healthy weight. At Weight Loss Solutions, we know every single body is unique and we’ll treat you with the personalized care you would expect from one of Texas’s most successful weight loss clinics!

If you have any questions about our weight loss programs or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 432-366-7546 today to get started on your journey to achieving and maintaining a healthier and happier you!